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Are you looking for the best sports channel in India? Well, there are many channels, but star sports 1 Hindi live is the best among them. If you are an Indian? It is a sure thing that you love cricket. Cricket is considered the most favorite game in India. In addition to this, the Indian public gets super excited when it comes to watching their national team in action.

For a better broadcast, there are various channels available, but star sports is the most reliable among them. The reason behind this is that this channel provides you multiple facilities at one time. Do you want to know why this channel is so valuable? Well, for this, stay with us till the conclusion.

star sports 1 hindi live

What Makes this Channel So Special?

 Well, there are many channels available on your TV that provide you with live streaming. However, you still check them out individually and select the better among them. Can you tell why? That is because you chose the one which is more convenient for you.

The same is the case of star sports 1 Hindi live. This channel is accessible for everyone across the world. One of the big reasons why this channel is better than others because it provides you with live matches in the Hindi language. Isn’t it amazing to hear match commentary in your mother tongue? In true meanings, this feature increases the entertainment to a far extent.

Advantages Of Star Sports Channel:

Star Sports was originated in 1991 and was known as the classical sports channel in India. This channel has brought a revolution with time. At present, this channel is the top among other sports channels because of its versatility and advancement. Some of its beneficial features are as follows.

It Is Completely Free:

This feature makes it distinctive from others. Star sport 1 Hindi live is a free channel all over India. Now you don’t have to pay large amounts to others every month. However, you have the best thing at your doorstep.

Clear Audio Quality:

Are you tired of the bad audio quality of your current channel? Then switch to the star sports network. This channel provides you clear sound quality that makes it more valuable.

Hindi Language:

It is the most convenient feature of all time. Watching the national team on television with listening commentary in national language gives goose bumps to you. Moreover, it is beneficial for every person in the whole country. This feature enhances the joy of the audience to a greater extent.

In The Reach Of Every Person:

It is a versatile channel that is within the reach of every person. It is free and easily accessible. All you have to do is search it on Google and enjoy live streams easily.

It Provides You HD Resolution:

Watching your favorite team in action with poor graphics will make the match boring. Therefore, it is crucial to watch it in HD resolution so that you won’t miss even a minor moment. For this purpose, this channel provides you HD resolution and helps you in having a good time. Above all, will you choose a boring channel with regular things over a customized channel? Therefore, it is known as an all-time favorite.

You Can Watch Multiple Sports On This Channel

Here comes the most versatile feature of this channel. Usually, people have a love for more than one sport. Therefore, they need a source with multiple options. For this purpose, the Star sports channel stands fair for this requirement. It provides you multiple sports matches in the Hindi version so that you can have your best time.

What Is The Benefit Of Hindi Language In Sports Channel?

Well, can you understand the match commentary if you are not familiar with the English language? Well, it could get a bit tricky for you. Therefore, the star sports channel blesses you with the translation feature. In this way, you can easily understand the current situation of the match. It is the most convenient facility you can ever find in any channel.

Significance Of This Channel:

Star Sports 1 Hindi live is highly important for people in India. Most of the citizens cannot understand the foreign language which disgusts them. Therefore, they need something easy and convenient. For this purpose, this channel is highly suitable for them. This channel helps the viewers with everything they are looking for. It helps the majority of the community to enjoy the match. In other words, it is the most beneficial creations done by star sports.

It Provides You Live Streams Of Indian Series:

Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest cricket event in India. In this event, players from different cricket teams around the world participate and play against each other. Everyone loves the IPL series in India. Therefore, people all over the country search for channels for live streams. For this purpose, crictime is the best internal source to enjoy live streaming.

Where Can You Watch This Channel?

You can watch star sports 1 Hindi live through Hotstar. Do you know what Hotstar is? Well, 

Hotstar is an official website to watch this channel. All over in India, people can watch their favorite sports league through this channel completely free. Moreover, it is a completely authorized website. Unlike, buffstreams, Hotstar is not notorious for providing unofficial live streams. On the other hand, this feature is limited to Indians only. If you are from a foreign country, you will need to use a virtual private network to get access to Hotstar.

Steps To Watch star sports 1 hindi live

  1. Use Google Chrome for Browsing
  2. Visit and search for the channel
  3. Select your sport and enjoy

Is This Free?

People have asked this question frequently and here is the answer. Yes, this is completely free and you can watch anything on this channel without paying a dime. For the people of India, this is the best source of watching star sports 1 hindi live. Above all, it is not ideal because it is free but it provides better audio and video quality to the viewer. If you belong to India, this channel is just perfect for you.

How The People Across India Could Watch This Channel?

Star Sports 1 Hindi live is a convenient and quick source of watching Indian leagues. However, it comes with a little disadvantage, and i-e it is limited within India only. However, it is not a big issue, and even if you belong to a foreign country; you can still watch live streams. Yes, you’re thinking right, you can use VPN to get access to Indian servers.

How To Use a VPN?

Virtual Private Network aka VPN is a network that hides your IP address and allows you to visit any private website easily. To watch the star sports channel in the Hindi language, just follow some steps. These are as follows.

  1. Search For Top Rated VPN apps on Google/play store
  2. Install it on your device
  3. Select the country India and connect it
  4. Visit the website and enjoy

You Can Watch This Channel On Your Mobile:

Over time, technology is creating ease for humans in several ways. Now you are not bound to watch star sports on television only. However, you can watch star sports 1 hindi live anytime, anywhere whether you are at the office, with friends, etc. For your convenience, the officials have developed their official channel app, simply download it and watch a live stream on your phone.

How To Download App On Your Phone?

You can download this app on your phone in three easy steps,

  1. First, open your play store/IOS app, and search for the name
  2. Second, Download the official app and install it on your device
  3. Third, Select the match and enjoy the show

Beneficial For The Whole Country:

India is a country with a population of nearly 1.2 billion. The national language of India is Hindi, however, some of the state’s practice their traditional custom and different language. On the other hand, star sports 1 Hindi live is fairly perfect for every Indian to enjoy the match equally. Therefore, this channel is considered crucial for everyone. Above all, people across India such as Pakistan and Bangladesh can also understand Hindi which makes it more valuable. In other words, this channel is beneficial for the whole subcontinent.

Remember One Thing:

Star Sports have introduced a series of channels in multiple languages. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that number one refers to the Hindi language. Similarly, the channel in Tamil, Telugu, etc. has different numbers.


To conclude, star sports are the leading sports channel in India. Despite the fact, there are multiple channels available but this channel stands top on the list because of exclusive features. It provides high-quality audio and video to the user that makes it more valuable. Moreover, with time; Star Sports have introduced multi-lingual channels as we. Now it comes in Tamil, Telugu, etc. It means people from the south could also get benefited from this luxurious facility.

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