Star Sports Tamil Is The New Choice For South Indians


Are you a South Indian? Want to watch star sports tamil?Just like you enjoy yummy Idli Dosa, similarly, now you will watch a sports event in your crispy language. Star Sports has now introduced a new channel that dedicates to South India. This channel is known as Star Sports Tamil, which is the new choice of the state. Therefore, fans are happy with this decision. Above all, this channel is a way of showing love for South Indian fans. In this article, you will learn where you can watch star sports in Tamil. So let’s get started.

star sports tamil

You Can Enjoy More With This Channel:

In the past, cricket or other matches were only telecast with English commentary. However, with time, Star Sports brought advancement in themselves. At present, there are multi-lingual channels available by Star Sports. However, we are on their Tamil version. Being a Tamilian, now you can enjoy more when you watch your Tamil commentators spicing up the commentary.

An Outstanding Initiative:

Star Sports have been working on different projects with the vision of providing comfortable content to its audience. Usually, when it comes to cricket, we could only think of English commentary. However, Star Sports have brought revolutionize this mentality and brought innovation. The officials took the meaning of sports commentary beyond the English language and created multi-lingual channels.

Along with them, Star Sports Tamil is the ideal choice. With this appealing step, Star Sports have made every Tamilian its fan. In other words, it is an excellent and highly appreciable step. Hats off!

What Are The Advantages Of This Channel?

Well, one of the main advantages is before us. However, we have enlisted some of them for you as follows.

  • Tamil Langauge
  • HD Resolution
  • South Indian Commentators
  • Exploit The Culture
  • Multiple Sports Games
  • Completely Free

Tamil Language:

Firstly, the reason why this channel is so beneficial is that it broadcasts in the Tamil language. In the past, the concept of multi-lingual language was unknown. However, the Tamil version by star sports is a good step. With this channel, now every Tamilian could enjoy the match. This versatile feature has made it more valuable.

HD Resolution:

Along with language benefit, this channel provides HD resolution as well. It is another great feature that enhances the worth. With this channel, you can enjoy in 1080p so that you cannot miss any memorable moment. It is what every sports fan is looking for in it i-e good video quality. Whereas: star sports has provided this feature in the Tamil version.

South Indian Commentators:

Can you imagine Tamil commentary without Tamil commentators? Obviously no! Above all, no other commentator can speak fluent Tamil other than a Tamilian itself. Therefore, Star Sports hire Tamilian commentators like

  • S, Badrinath
  • S, Ramesh
  • S, Siram
  • K, Srikkanth
  • Hemang Badani
  • L Sivaramakrishnan

These commentators spice up the entertainment level with their crispy style.

Promotes The Culture:

It is one of the appreciating features that it exploits the culture. This initiative is a way of showing love and respect for South India. Moreover, it promotes the language across the world that is a great initiative.

Multiple Sports:

It is the most versatile feature that makes the channel more valuable. Now you don’t have to wander for other sports on the internet. Whereas: star sports Tamil provide you multiple sports. This feature makes the channel more versatile and the ideal choice for Tamil viewers.

Completely Free:

Last but not least: this channel is complete. Now you don’t have to pay for other sources whereas; you can enjoy free live streams here. This feature makes it convenient for everyone to visit the channel and watch their favorite team in action. Above all, you don’t have to pay a dime for this.

Where Can You Watch It?

Are you looking for convenient sources to watch this channel? For this purpose, Crictime is the best source for this channel. Crictime is a famous website that provides free cricket match live streams from all over the world. It is completely free and convenient for you. There are no hard and fast rules to use this website. Search for crictime on Google, click on it, and search for your live matches.

You Can Watch It On Your Mobile:

Are you away from home and can’t wait to watch cricket? Well, you can check it on your mobile. This facility has given you a solution to your worry. Now you can watch matches with your favorite team in action at any time anywhere on your mobile.

Official App:

You might be thinking; how you can watch it on your mobile. Well, the sports channel has introduced its official application on Google play store and IOS. For this purpose, go and download the app from the store. Install it and search for the match you desire. Play and enjoy.

Is It A Legal Way To Watch Through Crictime?                                                     

Well, crictime is a worldwide famous app known for providing free live streams of cricket matches across the world. It means it is a legal website, therefore don’t worry and use it freely. Above all, we are here to discuss legit things that mean; you will not get here anything that violates the law.


To conclude, South India is a big part of the country where people speak Tamil, and they love cricket. Therefore, it is necessary to provide them a convenient source. For this purpose, star sports Tamil is best for them. Along with living cricket, this channel gives you many other options as well. For instance, it provides you multiple sports, documentaries, analyses, schedules, and much more. Similarly, it becomes a leading Tamil sports channel in South India.

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