There used to be so many Cricket streaming websites, and Cricvid is one of them. It is a fantastic online cricket streaming service to watch live games. The cricvid provides you with live sports in both HD & SD qualities, and that’s a big plus. Most of the streaming services around like crictime provides either HD or SD quality. Getting a game in a single quality is a big problem when you don’t have a high-speed connection available. 50% of the population in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh do not have access to a high-speed connection. To these people, cricvid is a big thing because a low-speed internet does not stop them from watching their favourite stars.

How to close ads on cricvid?

cricvid live cricket streaming

I must confess that ads on our site are very tricky and hard to bypass. But you must understand that this is how cricvid is covering all the expenditure. They spend a great deal of money on servers, bandwidth and other hardware to make it possible for cricket fans to watch live cricket for free.

To close the ads, one must have to wait for a few seconds. Initially, there is no close button to get maximum impressions. we get these ads from pop companies which serve powerful kind of ads. Mainstream companies do not like to work with us because of copyrights. cricvid is broadcasting channels without the proper permissions; thus, it’s illegal to stream these channels live.

After a few seconds, the close button will appear, and you need to click on it twice to close the ads and start watching your game. You may get more ads after watching the game for more than 10 minutes but its highly unlikely.

Access cricvid on mobile

cricvid is a responsive website and its compatible with all mobile devices like Android, IOS & tablets etc. If you are interested in watching live cricket streaming on your mobile, then cricvid is the best place to go. Our website is very lightweight and will work with all the mobile devices. The live cricket streams are served in HTML5 video format, so it’s going to work with all latest mobiles.

cricvid mobile app

Running a mobile app for streaming service is very hard because of the copyrights issue. But there are many other live cricket streaming apps out there. We developed our mobile app, but after some time, Google takes down our mobile app due to copyright issues.

What Cricket games one can watch on cricvid?

We cover all live cricket games, and no, we are not kidding here. Our hardworking team of engineers make sure that our fans do not miss a single match. We cover all major games like 

  • Pakistan vs India
  • Australia vs India
  • England vs India
  • South Africa vs India
  • South Africa vs England
  • Bangladesh vs Pakistan
  • India vs Bangladesh
  • Australia vs England
  • Big bash
  • IPL
  • PSL
  •  CPL

If you have any cricket game in mind, then be confident that you can watch it on cricvid.

Watch IPL LIVE in HD 1080p - No ads & No buffering