A new Chapter in Tampa Bay


It was only last month that Tom Brady officially confirmed hotly contested league rumors when he announced he we would in fact be stepping in as the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback.

Then, just as the rumor mills and NFL news outlets were coming to grips with the groundbreaking news, former Patriot and Tom’s favorite target, TE Rob Gronkowski announced that he too would be joining the NFC South team, rejoining his longtime teammate and good friend, Tom Brady.

The New England Patriots have agreed to a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to trade their rights on superstar TE, Rob Gronkowski.

According to http://reportingtheworld.net, the trade for Gronk was Brady’s idea, and he enthusiastically pushed for it until general manager Jason Licht agreed to consider the possibility of striking a deal with the Patriots, which ultimately succeeded, making Buccaneer fans even more optimistic for a Superbowl win, than ever before.

Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians told CBS Sports on Wednesday that it was the star quarterback’s idea to trade for Rob Gronkowski, and that Brady had repeatedly urged his new team’s office to do so. Ultimately, Buccaneers’ general manager Jason Licht called the New England Patriots to facilitate Brady’s former teammates’ trade, and the trigger was pulled on the deal.

The news came just days after reports that he was ready to play football again, but only with Brady and the Bucs. He played the 2018 season, which ended after the Patriots won the Super Bowl last season.

The Buccaneers traded a fourth-round pick to the Patriots for Gronkowski and a seventh-round pick, according to sources, and a video was posted to the NFL’s Instagram account showing Brady and Gronk leaving the field together in front of a heaving crowd of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans.

The Bucs are gambling that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will be able to make big trouble the NFC South’s defenses.

The future Hall of Fame, who spent nine seasons with the New England Patriots before retiring after the 2018 season, won three Superbowl titles and was one of the most coveted free-agent targets in the NFL this offseason.

For Gronkowski, the trade to Tampa also means a return to his natural habitat, and for anyone not rooting for the Patriots, watching Tom Brady throw a pass to him off the Florida coast in Tampa Bat should be the draw of the season this year, certainly expanding Tampa Bay’s fan base and selling out games, both home and away.

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